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We are one of the renowned and well established company specially helping to export  sea food /grains /spices /vegetables /fruits and dry fruits items to Asia,Europe and America.


We are helping to export almost all sea food items like Prawns/shrimps of all counting(Headless and tailless), Black Tiger, Basa Fish, Hilsa, Salmon, Cuttle fish, Ribbon Fish, Squid Tubes, Crabs, Octopus, Rohu, Pomfret Fish, Rice, Pulses, vegetables, fruits dry fruits and many more.




















We help to exporting Jute and Jute materials to worldwide like as :


Jute Yarn, Jute Mat, Jute Net,  Twill Bags, Hessian Bag, Jute Fabric, Jute Tape, Jute Scrim Cloth, Hessian Cloth, Potato Bag, Onion Bag, Sugar Bag, Coffee bag, Rice, Wheat Bag, Gunny Bag, Wall Covering Cloth, Jute Shopping Bag, Jute gift bags, ladies bags, etc.







YUNA Trade International Ltd.  works actively to bring together manufacturer–exporters of leather products of Bangladesh on a common platform to stimulate growth and development of the leather sector.

It strives to develop and maintain a reciprocal relationship with professional bodies, import associations and the Chambers of Commerce abroad in order to support and promote export of leather products